Knights Vs Zombies





Knights Vs Zombies is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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Knights Vs Zombies

Knights Vs Zombies is well-referred to as the ultimate fight between brave knights and aggressive zombies. They are struggling for a beautiful and magical land. Actually, the brave knights are trying to protect the land that their respect king has built up. Being controlled by an evil wizard, hordes of the zombies are advancing towards this kingdom and threatening the peaceful life here. The best strategy for this difficult battle is to suitably deploy the knights on the grid in front of the king’s castle to prevent the zombies from entering the gate. Once the deployment has been completely set up, the foes will be slain whenever penetrating into the kingdom. While the knight units are fighting, let’s control the king so that he can attack and kill the targets with his weapons. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-11-25

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