Knightmare Tower





The arrow keys are to move.
The mouse is to attack.

Game Details

Knightmare Tower

Dear, my great players! Please save 10 little girls from an evil guy right now. Are you willing to get this mission and start rescuing them, guys? Don’t hesitate anymore. This is a supreme duty. Only you can destroy the devil and bring the girls back to their parents. As knowing, the evil guy took them to a high tower in a jungle. Players have to play Knightmare Tower and reach the tower. On the way to the destination, please keep an eye on a big lava lake. The players can lure warriors into it, but don’t allow their character to fall off this lake otherwise the mission is over. During the journey, use the sword to kill enemies and enter the room of the bad guy to destroy him. After beating all of the demons, go ahead to save the girls. Hope you complete your task soon, game lovers!

Date Added: 2014-11-12

Category: TD Games

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