Kill The Creeper




The mouse is the main key to enjoy the game.

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Kill The Creeper

Minecraft world is getting attacked by many cold-blooded creepers. If you are a crazy Minecraft fan, come on and save it now. These creepers are dominating the Minecraft world by killing people and destroying everything. They turned it into the creeper’s world. There is not much time to hesitate. Let’s explore Kill The Creeper to start your supreme duty right now. When coming to the game, players will see many of the creepers on wooden planks. This time, their main task is to break those planks and other relevant ones to guide these creatures to the lava. Players cannot break some of the blocks such as stones and rocks, but use them to lure enemies. During the game, try not to go the wrong way, or that level will fail. When the creepers fall into the lava, the mission is accomplished. Hope you complete all of the levels and save the Minecraft world successfully, game lovers.

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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