Jungle Hunting





The mouse is to enjoy the game.

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Jungle Hunting

Now, you are an excellent hunter and help villagers protect their house and their achievements. This village is in a deep forest. Players have to go there and aid people to kill all of the evil forces. Look! Hordes of enemies are following a wavy path to reach the village. Hurry up to avail your cool strategies to eliminate them before they enter their target. Play Jungle Hunting and perform your mission. Firstly, players have to purchase and drag different weapons to the wavy path and place them along it. As the orcs appear, these weapons will shoot and stop them getting into the village. The more you level up, the more dangerous creatures come, guys. Please, spend collected coins on upgrading the weapons and getting ready for the next wave. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-10-25

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