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The chief key to relish this arcade game is the mouse.

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Insert Coin

Oh, do you still remember the arcade machine? There's a popular game that most kids have played at that time; that's, Insert Coin. Now, with the computer, you can also enjoy this. Play now!

Guess how to get many credits with just a single coin? Everything is possible with this simple yet fantastic game. Alright, let's tie your precious coin to a thin string. Then, insert it into the arcade machine to attain as many credits as you can. At this moment, please hit the left mouse non-stop to pull the string, until you can get your coin back. Remember, the object must hit the 'bottom-right' exactly to buy a credit. When pulling the coin back, never let it colliding with any red stuff on the way. Otherwise, the game will end instantly.

Don't skip playing Insert Coin – a cool game for arcade players – as it's a perfect choice for people who're on a shoestring budget!

Date Added: 2015-09-19

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