Move: AD or left/right arrows.
Jump: Z or K.
Attack: X or J.
Cast spells: C or H.

Game Details


When the world relies on a hero to save them from the Darkness era, you suddenly appear to take on the important mission. Jump into Imperil and give hope as well as light to your people.

In this puzzle-based retro side-scrolling game, your aim is to bring the world back together after being interrupted by the Devil of Darkness. Time to put a stop to the madness! Stepping into the main field, quickly create your own platform, manipulate objects, or travel through a different dimension to accomplish the task. The players will have a specific skill to help you overcome the obstacles in each location. In the initial level, you can cast spells to step on your mini-platforms allowing you to access places that are out of reach. As the game progresses, you will unlock more unique abilities helping you fight against the boss in the final stage.

Lots of secrets are hidden in Imperil…find them to buy health upgrades, ok?

Date Added: 2016-09-10

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