Idle Mine Ex 2

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Use the left mouse to play Idle Mine Ex 2.

Game Details

Idle Mine Ex 2

You are expecting many more interesting and wonderful things from Idle Mine Ex after having enjoyed its first launch. Today, Idle Mine Ex 2 is in your aim’s reach. Grab it and open its content right now, players! Idle Mine Ex 2 is referred to as a cool Idle game, which just revolves around hitting items to earn points and upgrading the mining capacity. First of all, players are requested to avail the pickaxe so as to break a rock, a ruby, or others in the game interface’s center until there are lots of dollars in the budget. Later, open the Upgrade shop to make good deals on tools and items used for speeding up the mining process. It’s special that after some achievements, the other sparkling and precious items which the players mine to earn more money will appear. That sounds fun!

Date Added: 2015-01-20

Category: Mining

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