Idle Mine




The mouse is to play the game.

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Idle Mine

Welcome to the newest Minecraft game – Idle Mine, Minecraft fans! If you are looking forward to an exciting Minecraft adventure game, this game is the best choice for you, guys. This time, players role-play a Miner who is so excited to mine gems, diamonds, redstones, coal, gold, iron, and minerals. This time, players will make a cool adventure to break into a Minecraft cave to collect the above treasures. Are you ready for the journey? Here we go! When coming to the game, they will see various blocks such as paper, clay, rock, poo, and salt. Let’s use the pickaxe to mine each of them. Then, the treasure will randomly appear in their bag. After earning a large amount of money, use it to craft a new pickaxe to increase the speed for mining. During the adventure, keep an eye on total damage and auto damage. If both of them reach the zero, the journey is over. Hope you have fun with Idle Mine, guys.

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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