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Play the game with the mouse only.

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It's never too late to enjoy an interesting and logical game! Quickly click on Hextris and get into the gameplay right now. What's it mainly about? Let's check it out!

As soon as accessing the main screen, the players will see a big gray hexagon. Similar to Tetris, this fast-paced puzzle game requires you all to prevent the falling blocks from stacking outside the area of the hexagon. How? To perform the task, all you must do is – rotating the frame to collect different stacks of blocks for each face. They will start from the edges of the screen and end at the inner blue hexagon. Try to match 3 or more same-colored blocks to remove them from playing board. The more stacks you destroy, the more bonuses you will obtain. Do best to achieve the longest playing duration and the highest score. Never let any of blocks tumble out the outer boundary!

Sounds awesome, huh? Hextris is really simple for playing, so make sure you don't miss out relishing it.

Date Added: 2015-09-15

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