Guard Nail Household





The left mouse is used to enjoy Guard Nail Household.

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Guard Nail Household

It's possible to say that Guard Nail Household is a strategy game rewarding to experience. Its content is about defending a nail household from attacks of conquerors. It's terrible! The household is known to contain valuable treasures, so greedy guys want to destroy walls and uncover these items. Hurry to carry out this defending now!

To tackle the conquerors, the best strategy is to deploy defenders around the household. Just hitting the Call Houseman button, the players can see a selection of defenders consisting of Papa, Baba, Mama, Coco, Didi, and Jiji. Just place each of them in strategic positions around the house to stop the enemies' process. If the energy bar next to it runs out, the game will stop instantly.

It's known that Guard Nail Household is full of challenges, but it's also very interesting. Play it now!

Date Added: 2015-07-21

Category: Strategy

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