Gravity Hook





Use the mouse to control the robot.

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Gravity Hook

Take a bit of free time to relish Gravity Hook, all fellows! What mission you have to carry out in there? Let's check it out!

When accessing to the playing field, the players' chief goal is to support a robot to climb up as high as possible. Have enough confident to take on this mission? Try it anyway! How to bring the robot to the air? There's a one and only way – using the floating mines. Players will let the robot hook up with the mine that is in the closest position. When reaching the other mines, they just need to do the same way to keep moving up. If you connect to the new mine, you must release the old one. Remember not to touch the mine that you're holding onto, or your character will be exploded. Don't ever make any silly mistake to preserve the robot's life.

How many meters will you obtain? Want to achieve the best record and compare with other players? Don't just be thinking, guys! Set foot to Gravity Hook and challenge instantly!

Date Added: 2015-03-22

Category: Mining

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