Goof Troop

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Move around: arrow keys.
Take actions: X.

Game Details

Goof Troop

Roll up your sleeves and become a part of Goof Troop to battle against aggressive pirates in this exciting action-adventure game. Perform the objective in either single-player mode or two-player mode.

Playing as the calamitously clumsy Goofy or Max (Goofy's son), you will embark on a journey to save your close neighbors: Pete and PJ. There are 5 areas on Spoonerville Island the players have to work through – the beach, the village under siege, the haunted castle, the underground cavern, and the pirates' ship. Each location is finished off with a boss battle, so prepare well. The goal, in this game, is to solve various puzzles to reach the end of every stage. Guide Goofy or Max to defeat the enemies by using various methods, like throwing bombs, kicking blocks, etc. Collect diamonds, vital items, and fruits throughout the adventure.

Assist the father and son in completing the goals in Goof Troop successfully.

Date Added: 2016-09-07

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