Goat Guardian





Arrow keys are used to move and jump.

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Goat Guardian

In Goat Guardian, you will see Steve is chasing his goat. What happened? Actually, Steve is trying to save the goat from hills full of dangers. This journey seems more difficult if there is not your help. Then, get hurried to savor the game and support him in this rescue, all players!

Here is a puzzle and skill game, so its structure is not strange to any online game-addict. Specifically, there are many challenging and absorbing levels covering the whole game. The only way to win the one is to guide Steve to the position where his goat is standing on. Let's help him jump on platforms and leap obstacles along the way. Importantly, the platforms will disappear right after he jumps on them, which makes him fall into the outer space. Thus, be careful!

Many interesting situations are waiting to be explored. Play Goat Guardian right away!

Date Added: 2015-05-28

Category: Strategy

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