Giga Miner





Arrow keys are for movement.
The D key is for dynamite.
The P key is for red potion.

Game Details

Giga Miner

A mining game called Giga Miner has an absorbing story about a farmer. He is exactly an old man who is responsible for developing the village's farm. One day, he decides to enter a dark mine to hunt for treasures. What for? These valuable items will be exchanged for money which he will use to buy good seeds for the farm. Help him now, guys!

First, lead him to the mine by the lift, maneuver him, and activate his pickaxe to mine all possible blocks. Once the blocks have been broken, a considerable number of diamonds, gold bars, and other valuable items will be uncovered and congregated. Sell them at the town shop for cash. Surely, his journey is full of hazards; snakes can suddenly appear and bite him. This will adversely affect his health. Move him to the shop to refill his lost health by spending the collected items.

Get ready? Help the farmer mine treasures and enrich his village as well as his farm, all guys! Savor Giga Miner now!

Date Added: 2015-03-24

Category: Mining

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