Dudley Digger Diamond Driller

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Press AD keys to move left and right.
The spacebar is for the beginning.

Game Details

Dudley Digger Diamond Driller

How will you feel if Dudley Digger Diamond Driller leads you to the diamond world? Nothing is better than that, right? Wow! No reason to refuse it! The game is regarding an explorer called Dudley Digger, who is on his journey to this land. Play it and see what you will do here!

The Dudley Digger's journey lasts in numerous levels, and it's sure that players must outrun all terrible obstacles to bring back precious diamonds. As for the detailed objective, they need to demolish colored blocks to uncover these stones. Later, move him to catch all of them. Notice that hazardous bats are watching to attack and defeat all targets they meet. While guide the title character around the diamond world, attempt to help him to dodge these deadly critters.

To reach the success in Dudley Digger Diamond Driller, it's crucial for each player to show their skill and speed. Ready? Go now and good luck!

Date Added: 2015-04-08

Category: Mining

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