Donutosaur 2





Use the left mouse to play this game.

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Donutosaur 2

Hey guys! Welcome you to Donutosaur 2, the next version of Donutosaur! Maybe, the game's name partially brings you some ideas about its amazing content. Don't mind putting yourself in its challenges. It's so cool. Start now!

The core goal each player must complete in one of the levels here is to catch the delicious donut by strategically moving the main character (a cute monster) around the game field. There are platforms, tools, buttons, and devices which help him get the food item more easily. The importance is to know how to efficiently use these handy tools. Note that candies have the power to aid him to fly up, so try to eat them in case the donut is above. Also, use your brain to untie some puzzles.

Donutosaur 2 includes lots of interesting things waiting for your discovery. Here we go!

Date Added: 2015-09-03

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