Creep Craft




The arrow keys are to guide the creeper.
Hit spacebar to use the sword.

Game Details

Creep Craft

Continue moving on to another excellent and fascinating journey in Creep Craft! Are you fully-prepared, all Minecraft fans? Don’t wait any longer! Access this cool game with us right away! There is a curious creeper living underground of the Minecraft world. He always nurtures a huge dream; that is, exploring the novel world alone. However, he doesn’t know anything dangerous here. That’s reason why players need to join in Creep Craft and support him. At first, instruct him to craft a sword (the first weapon) by mining 2 rocks and catching a log. Use the sword to defeat enemies (i.e. zombies) or kill pig for foods. Remember not to let the zombies touch the creepers. If it happens, he will lose 1 life out of the 3 lives. So be careful, all guys! Try to complete the task perfectly! Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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