Caved In Minecraft Game




On each level, looking for the ladder to ascend. If you reach depth 0, you can escape. You score points for collecting treasures, digging, and saving those lovely ladies. - Use the 'WASD' keys or arrow keys to move and dig.
- Use the Shift or 'Z' key + 'WASD' or arrow keys to build wall.

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Caved In Minecraft Game

At first designed for the 21st Ludum Dare competitors, Caved In was prompted by Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, Terraria, and Dungeon crawlers. The target of Cave In is to ascend all 5 levels to get to the top. In the process you are able to save some stranded ladies and collect treasures . Water flow and Lava to fill gaps and can kill you when you remain in them too long.During each play, levels are randomly generated . More instructions in game while playing.

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