Cave Explorer





Use the arrow keys to move and dig.
The spacebar is to open the Inventory.

Game Details

Cave Explorer

An occasion to become an explorer in the Minecraft world to travel around a rich place and collect valuable stones is coming to all Minecraft game lovers. Seize it and experience this job right away! Here, each player will maneuver a machine specializing in digging blocks so as to go around areas near the center bastion of the screen. The ultimate purpose is to collect coal, gold, iron, diamonds, gems, crystals, and other precious stones. Once a considerable number of those materials are accumulated and stored in the inventory, let’s go to the center bastion to exchange them for money. Keep a watchful eye on the Energy symbol at the bottom. Try to pick up as many glossy resources as possible by the time it runs out. Besides, use the collected amount of money to buy strong upgrades.

Date Added: 2014-08-11

Category: Mining

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