Bloom Defender





Bloom Defender is played by controlling the left mouse.

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Bloom Defender

All energy of the world stems from the Mother tree, and her survival can positively affect the survival of all critters here. Nonetheless, her life is being threatened by the devilish force. Lots of ghosts are trying to come close to her and absorb her energy. It’s dangerous. The world will totally disappear if she dies. Hurry to deploy the best tactics to get rid of the devilish force from the area where the Mother tree is located, all guys! Move to Bloom Defender to carry out this mission now! Such the funny game mainly focuses on the duty of setting possible towers along the road to stop waves of the ghosts from touching the Mother tree. Firstly, players will be gifted a source of cash to buy the certain protections. Destroying the enemies will have extra cash. Don’t forget to avail it to get the more powerful ones. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-10-28

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