Use the mouse to place and craft the blocks.
The arrow keys are to move.

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Hey, all of the Minecraft fans! If you love designing something and drafting your own world, let’s explore Minecraft game world. It is absolutely sure that no game can be more wonderful than Blockz. This is a game that assists everyone draft their world. Now, it is time to discover the game! The first job is to go around the new land and mine some materials like cobblestones, green blocks, gold, rocks, dirt, sand, and many other things. Then, visit inventory to craft the necessary items such as doors, carpets, furniture, and furnace for building the house. During the adventure, don’t stand near or on cacti. Moreover, don’t touch bombs. All of these will cause the damage for the main character, and his lives will be lost. After finishing the house, don’t forget to decorate it with lots of sparkling flowers. Plant some trees in front of the yard. They can also create a colorful garden or a big farm. Let’s go and draft your dream right now in Blockz!

Date Added: 2013-10-11

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