Block Story

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The arrow keys are to move.
The mouse is to collect and build.

Game Details

Block Story

If you are a fan of Minecraft creative game, don’t miss the chance to explore an exciting game – Block Story. This game contains the most beautiful world in Minecraft game. If you are curious how wonderful it is, let’s start your adventure now. At this time, players will explore a fantastic 3D world including seas, mountains, forests, and hills. Besides, many cute animals like deer, sheep, fish, and horses are living there. How do you think when creating your desired structures in this cool world? It is so spectacular, right? Don’t wait anymore! Go and generate your own world, guys! First of all, go around the land to collect wood by cutting a tree down, tapping and holding on the trunk blocks, or walking over the dropped blocks. After that, use these wooden planks to set up the house. The players can build their desired world in the sea if they wish. Along the way, keep an eye on spiders. Kill them before going forwards, guys. Enjoy yourself!

Date Added: 2014-01-02

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