Blaster Master 2





Move with Arrows.
Shoot with X.
Jump with Z.
Get in/out the vehicle with Space.

Game Details

Blaster Master 2

What's fun with Blaster Master? Playing this platform, run and gun game, you will have a chance exploring a planet beyond the Earth. Also, lots of challenges are provided for self-experience.

You are asked to accompany a character named Jason once landing on the playing field. What happened? After seeing Fred – his pet frog – creeps into a dark hole located in a mysterious forest, he strangely followed it and got lost. Now, he has no idea about where he is standing. Suddenly, he discovers a tank which later helps him battle radioactive mutants. Control the vehicle and use the attached cannon to shoot all the enemies attacking you. If you want to get the victory, try to destroy the Plutonium Boss totally. Perform well to help Jason find his way back home.

Become a skillful Blaster Master and accomplish the mission. Collect weapons, upgrades, and power-ups, remember!

Date Added: 2016-09-06

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