Blaster Master





Arrows: Move + control the vehicle.
X: Shoot.
Z: Jump.

Game Details

Blaster Master

Quickly travel to Blaster Master – a platform, run and gun game – to explore a planet beyond the Earth. A lot of challenges are waiting for self-exploration, so don't skip out.
As soon as landing on the playing field, you are requested to take control of a character named Jason. He got lost as following Fred – his pet frog – to creep into a dark hole located in a mysterious forest. Now, in this place, he finds a tank (Sophia) and decides to use it to battle radioactive mutants. Drive the vehicle and make use of the attached cannon to prevent the enemies from attack you. You need to totally destroy the Plutonium Boss if you want to win the whole game. Pay attention to the Health Bar: the game will end if all the lives are lost. Simply jump out the tank by pressing Spacebar!
Can you accomplish the mission and become a Blaster Master? Start to play and find out the result!

Date Added: 2016-05-04

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