Move and jump with WASD.
Use shield, sword, and gun with SKL.
Drink with R.

Game Details


In Barbarium, you take the role of a barbarian who possesses the fastest laser gun and the biggest sword of the post-apocalyptic world. You wander around and fight against the baddies for the human justice.

Travel across the exotic environment, the players' major mission is to fight through this barbaric world with all kinds of enemies who want to eliminate you. Equip yourself with your trusty sword and gun – really, such the best combo here – and try to knock out the stupid foes and save beauties along the way. Drink beer and eat meat to replenish your health as well as enjoy a casual chat with the locals for more information. While dealing with the hostile attacks, it's a must to make use of your available shield. Move and jump, blast with your laser, and swing your sword…are you ready to take action?

Explore the world in Barbarium and try to win victory over all the enemies. Wish you luck and succeed!

Date Added: 2016-09-06

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