Ayo The Hero





The left mouse is used to experience the game.

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Ayo The Hero

Are you ready to experience Ayo The Hero? It's depicted as an interesting adventure of a special character called Ayo. You will get much amusing time from this trip, so don't miss it.

Here, each player is asked to control Ayo to get through all frightening rooms, and each one is full of sharp traps and dangerous items. It's advised that the movement must be done cleverly. Specifically, in each of the rooms, let's guide the persona through the difficulties by letting him jump, walk or slide. Importantly, if meeting foes or dangerous critters, be fast to keep him away from them. One gripping thing you should concern is to collect all precious objects or power-ups for enhancing his skill and energy.

Ayo The Hero is challenging to many players since it's difficult to jump over dangers in each room. But playing it is quite interesting. Go now!

Date Added: 2015-08-26

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