WASD or the arrows are to move.
Mouse is to utilize the weapon.

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How does an Eskimo survive an avalanche? If you're curious to know, let's take part in Avalancher, together with us, to find out. What's your mission in this physics-based puzzle platform game?
The players, here, will help the Eskimo be safe from the deadly force of a terrible avalanche. He's on the hunt for gold and treasures, but there seems to be a problem – a lot of gems and precious resources have been hidden away beneath great structures. How to get the treasure without injuring the character? Use your brain and the available gun to blow up buildings with ease. You must collect enough gold and gems in order to proceed to the next level. Don't forget to grab gold stars when discovering different stages. There are 30 interesting rounds – can you conquer them all?
Be a brave Eskimo and survive all the challenges in Avalancher. Collect a range of advanced weapons to support your tasks!

Date Added: 2016-05-04

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