Alpi Craft




Press WASD/arrow keys for movement and spacebar for jumping.
Click on the left mouse to remove and lay the blocks.
Hit R to shift the tools.

Game Details

Alpi Craft

Continue relishing awesome moments when playing another freshly nice Minecraft creative game under 3D format. Are you always willing to receive new things from this kind of game? Don’t wait anymore! It’s time to go! At first, try to draw a detailed plan for this existing land i.e. which buildings will be suitable for this special land (a land full of snow). Then view 2 important tools as a spatula and an axe. The axe is to clear away blocks; meanwhile, the spatula is to pick up and put the blocks. Relying on the current plan, the players just lay the blocks exactly and carefully. As a result, they are able to occupy their desired buildings soon. A marvelous kingdom on the snowy land, how do you feel? Tap Start key, play and express your feelings now!

Date Added: 2014-04-15

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