Alliant Defence Of The Colony





The game is mainly ruled by the mouse.

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Alliant Defence Of The Colony

Terribly, the Earth came to an end. Therefore, people needed to find another planet for living. Luckily, they searched for the new planet and called it new home. However, there were lots of strange and aggressive creatures living here. Furthermore, they became warlike when seeing people and started attacking the headquarters. Be nimble-footed to land on Alliant Defence Of The Colony and stop the creatures now, all guys! In order to perform the main request, players need to build some necessary barracks to train powerful soldiers and different kinds of towers to assault the creatures. Don’t let anyone come to the headquarters successfully, okay? After completing each stage, the players should upgrade some vital skills in order to improve their fighting ability. Do you have any belief that you will win? Try playing and tell us the ultimate answer!

Date Added: 2014-10-16

Category: TD Games

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